The general objective of laboratory activities is to strengthen entrepreneurship education for secondary school students at European level.

In particular, the following:

  • Improving the process of acquiring students' entrepreneurial skills through the implementation and use of innovative ICT-based tools.
  • Improving teaching methods for teachers through the development and use of new training modalities on the development of entrepreneurial pathways to be carried out, in the specific case, through the use of the serious gaming platform that will be created.

During the laboratories, teachers and students will share ideas and design an entrepreneurial idea through a business plan and brainstorming activities.

Through the outputs and laboratory activities carried out with students, the project will allow the development of entrepreneurial and transversal

skills, essential to encourage the inclusion of others, as well as the self-confidence of students at risk of exclusion (prosocial skills).

The structure of laboratory activities that will support the development of inclusive prosocial practices is:

  • Proposal of an entrepreneurial experience-stimulus (brainstorming).
  • Decoding of the entrepreneurial experience-stimulus, through the mapping of cases of study.
  • Action of entrepreneurial Role Playing, which favors direct experimentation (the doing).
  • Generalization activities: study of the transversal functions of entrepreneurial activities and meta-cognitive review activity: narration of the activities carried out and their coding for self-analysis of experiential experience, highlighting what have been prosocial attitudes.

Teachers' feedback on laboratories 2021